• Residential Group Homes
    Located in scenic Mount Pocono our residential programs provide not only a safe treatment setting, but extraordinary therapeutic surroundings for our residents (max 4 per house). Our residential group home program is designed to assist young men and women in becoming contributing community members. We focus on the development of goals, independent living skills, employment skills, decision making, counseling and the development of a strong work ethic.

  • Residential Treatment Facility
    Residential Treatment is provided in small (max 4 per house), community-based settings in a female or male environment. Depending on the client's treatment plan, length of stay ranges from 3 months to 18 months. Highly structured, strength-based services include family work, pro-social life skills training, education, assessment, counseling, and recreation.

  • Education
    Children at Second Haven attend various schools in the Pocono Mountain School District. The Second Haven Residential Director works with PMSD special education staff to insure children receive an optimal school placement and any needed additional services. Computers are available in every house for children to use for homework, research and special educational programs.

  • Preparation for Independent Living Program
    The Preparation for Independent Living Program (PILP) serves teens that are deemed eligible by their county case workers and are ages 16-21. This Second Haven program helps teens learn the independent living skills necessary to transcend street dependency, become self-dependant and to thrive in the community. We provide comprehensive support as young people attempt to overcome significant circumstances that are often beyond their control.

    We teach young people the skills necessary for self-sufficiency including banking, house keeping, time management, public transportation, and securing employment.

  • Teenage Girl

    The Girls Program
    The female program seeks to empower young women to use their voice and speak up for themselves, and allow them to recognize they have a voice. Second Haven provides young woman with a safe environment to discuss topics that they might not talk about in a mixed gender setting. They are assured that the space is physically and emotionally safe. The program is structured to be supportive, less confrontational and grounded in the female experience. Our program emphasizes education and female independence. The program structure address several female related treatment topics such as Gender Identification, interpersonal relations, self esteem, individualism, physical development, and family/school support. Second Haven will ensure the clients develop a sense of self, maintain positive relationships, reduce risky behaviors and know that they do not have to rely on others for self approval.

  • Teenage Boy

    The Boys Program
    The program is centered around therapeutic, recreational and vocational activities. The staff will provide assistance with academic studies after school. The males will also be expected participate in independent living duties such as seeking employment, and keeping their environment well maintained. Positive behaviors will be rewarded and negative behavior addressed immediately in a therapeutic manner promoting recognition of client participation in the decision making process. The client will incorporate his consequences into his own treatment plan. Second Haven will be utilizing the normative culture level system with the male clients.

  • Spiritual Development
    Spiritual development services are also available to the children who desire religious education. We will consult with the parent or guardian for their input. Spiritual development services respect the religious background of each child.

  • Active Lifestyle
    Second Haven staff recognize that individual growth includes various areas of development, including establishing a connection with family and discharge resources by gaining insight into an understanding of their past. Second Haven will provide services to develop self esteem, anger management, and coping skills in order to empower youth in making positive choices for their future. Second Haven also believes that our clients learn teamwork through adventure based activities. Located in the scenic Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania, Second Haven clients have access to an array of diverse activities.

    Outdoors in the Poconos Roller Skating
    Golf and Disc Golf
    Mountain Biking
    USA Boxing
    Summer League Basketball

  • Second Haven Boxing
    What services are provided? The program uses boxing, weight training, and other forms of exercise to teach youth teamwork, self-discipline, time management, leadership, healthy living, and other pro-socialization elements. Program sessions are very structured and challenging for participants. Typical sessions include warm up and stretching, calisthenics, running, jump rope sessions, structured weight training, and boxing training skills. Participants are required to engage in education and/or employment to remain in the program.

    Brian Pedone's Heavy Hitters Boxing Gym What do I get from Second Haven Boxing? Youth who attain high status in the program are afforded opportunities to travel to and compete in boxing competition including Golden Gloves and the Olympic Trials. Youth are also given opportunities to travel with staff to conferences or other community events that promote their growth and leadership. Our program is sanctioned by USA boxing and some of our participants, who achieve program objectives will be registered to compete in amateur boxing if they should choose.